Jüchen (Germany)2014

Large Format Picture 1,20m x 1,50
60min exposure time / sound recording

The Hambach and Garzweiler coal mines, situated near the Belgian and Dutch borders in Germany, are Europe’s largest sources of CO2 emissions, reachable in just an hour and a half drive from Brussels.The coal company is turning the entire region into a wasteland, destroying the landscape and creating a visual representation of the end of the world.This is the sound of drilling a hole in the Earth.


LOST is a collection of long exposure analogue photographs.
Accompanying the long exposures are sounds recorded at the time they were taken. Through the sound, the viewer hears what is not always captured or recognised in the images. The sound helps to stimulate the imagination and allows you to feel the photograph more intimately, giving you another sense of the moment it was taken.

“When you move, you get lost. In the large-format photographs, life becomes a shadow. Only the soundtracks to the long exposures immortalise what is happening: Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf is lost in a white fog. The customers at Aldi are only traces. Bayern Munich’s players have disappeared in their match against Hertha BSC. No sunbathers on the beach on the Ligurian coast. … Memories of the Covid19 lockdown of 2020 are coming back to life”. — Christoph Balmer, Kulturmuseum Bern.